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Wings of Wisdom: Empowering Young Girls of Color

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

It’s here! It’s here! We got our very first month’s WOW Bag from Wings of Wisdom. Wings of Wisdom is a small business founded by Charnelle Robbins who inspires young girls of color to see their beauty and individuality with a personalized package. They send a monthly WOW Box (children 4-12) or WOW Bag (children 0-4) tailor-made for each child with an inspiring butterfly message.

I just love seeing Ophelia’s face light up when she receives a package or gift. I am especially excited because I know it was specifically made with her interests in mind.

When you sign up for the subscription, there is a short questionnaire about your child’s hobbies. I just loved that. Even though Ophelia is only 17 months, it really made me think for the first time about the things she loves: reading, music, dancing, ballet, drawing, and tennis.

Every WOW Bag has a personal butterfly message and a theme. Ophelia’s theme for November is Beautiful, Bold, Ballerina.

For her love of ballet and dance she received a Misty Copeland book and bracelet with a ballerina charm.

She also got this adorable shirt that says “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” It couldn’t be more fitting!

She immediately fell in love with her Ophelia tote bag. I also realized it’s the first thing we’ve ever gotten that has her name on it. So precious! She is constantly playing with my purses and bags and now she has her own!

I highly recommend their subscription but also taking a look at “their story” on the website. It’s just so inspiring and beautiful. A quote that stood out to me on their site reads

“Girls of color are often represented at a disproportionate rate, resulting in limited resources for them to rely on throughout their development into adulthood. This can lead to insecurity and lack of confidence. Wings of Wisdom was designed to educate young girls and help them embrace their beauty and individuality.”

Be sure to check out their website at

and use the code OPHELIA at checkout for a 25% discount on your first order!

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