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Victoria Emerson: Greece Edition

The jewelry collections at Victoria Emerson are like no other. They offer: boho cuffs, wrap bracelets, double wraps, watches, along with zodiac and state necklaces. There is something for everyone and every occasion. For me, the jewelry was the perfect accessory for my trip to Greece!

This is the view from my balcony on the island of Naxos. I’m wearing the Gemini Pendant Necklace in rose gold.

I saw the zodiac necklaces right around the time of my daughter’s birthday. I hadn’t even thought about her sign before this. I realized she was a Gemini and thought how sweet it would be to wear a necklace representing that. It also comes in silver and gold.

I immediately fell in love with their wrap bracelets and knew they would be the perfect pop of color for most of my outfits. I’m wearing Turquoise & Shell on Natural. These photos were taken on the streets of Athens.

So stunning, beautiful, and unique.

We traveled all over Greece, but I especially loved the beauty in the non touristy areas. These gorgeous photos were taken in the quiet Greek countryside of Drymalia.

Be sure to check out their website today! They are offering buy one get one free on everything!!!!

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