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Slick Case: Striking, Simple, yet Elegant

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Slick Case offers iPhone and MacBook cases along with accessories for your laptop and Apple Watch. They have custom cases and many different collections: marble, floral, animals, quotes, transparent, nature, etc.

I knew right away I wanted an iPhone case from their marble collection. My last few cases have had lots of designs and artwork. This time around I wanted something straightforward but also classy. I love the marble with a tint of pink. It’s striking, simple, yet elegant. It’s my first glass case and I was surprised at how lightweight it is. It’s perfect for traveling. I got this case right in time for my trip to Greece. This is the view from my balcony on the Island of Naxos.


I wanted to get a custom photo iPhone case post Greece that would capture one of my favorite moments in one of my favorite places. I was able to personalize and edit the size of the pic. It came out above and beyond more than anything I could have imagined. Thanks Slick Case!

Be sure to check out their website at

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