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Hidden Pictures Digital Play

We had the best time playing Highlights' new Hidden Pictures Digital Play. It's a product that has a picture puzzle with a list of hidden objects on the side and you find those objects in the picture. Once you find all the objects, you move onto the next puzzle which has even more exciting challenges. It's tailored for ages 6+ (and grown ups of course). I thought it would be way over my daughter Ophelia's head who is almost 1, but she had so much fun with it! She just loved the idea of finding clues. When I would point to the clue and then find it in the picture she would just laugh and clap. It's funny at such a young age she finds her own understanding of each puzzle.

There are so many learning tools, which as a new mom I just loved! I would say the name of the clue and she would try to repeat after me. Of course she doesn't understand the meaning of the word yet, but loved looking at the pictures and reciting them back. She's able to say new words and learn faster because of it.

An example of a clue would be a picture of a silver spoon on the side of the screen and then I would click the bottom of the stool as a match. Or a picture of popcorn and I would click the blonde woman's hair as a match.

I really like that it's different than a video game. There are no prizes or tokens but you are rewarded with more puzzles. It's something positive that is also helping with cognitive skills. Ophelia is retaining new information while helping her speech and having a blast while doing it. As a whole family it made us really pay attention to detail and build our concentration as we got stronger with every puzzle.

It's so convenient that you can use the product on all of your devices. Phone, laptop, and ipad. We were even able to screen mirror using the Apple TV. My husband would click on the clues after we spotted them on the flat screen from his laptop. It's the perfect activity for any downtime and something the whole family can enjoy!

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