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Empowering Women: One Unicorn at a Time

This is the first in a series where I am featuring brands founded by women of color who are empowering other women through fashion.

Today I'm spotlighting Afro Unicorn whose founder is April Showers.

When I first saw the Afro Unicorn logo I thought wow that's really special and different. It caught my eye immediately. It's funny because my one year old daughter Ophelia and I LOVE unicorns so much! The shirt was a whole new way of thinking. This mythological creature usually depicted as a white horse with a horn was now beaming with color, sporting an afro, donning a turquoise horn (my favorite color btw), and wearing a crown! It was just so creative and beautiful!

Unique. Divine. Magical.

I had to know more. Afro Unicorn's shirts are made in Los Angeles and come in 3 different shades each carrying it's own title: Mocha for Unique, Caramel for Divine, and Vanilla for Magical. I loved everything about it! I went into dreamland thinking about how I was Unique and Ophelia was Magical. Pretty cool!

The Afro Unicorn shirt comes with a logo sticker. I couldn't resist, I had to put it on a onesie for Ophelia. She's an Afro Unicorn in training. What do you think? Should onesies be next? They may be in the works!

Aside from being pretty cool, they are empowering women of color through fashion and taking it one step further. April hopes to "cultivate an environment amongst a network of women to help guide them to create multiple streams of income. We will accomplish this with annual conferences and workshops where we will strategically plan to help women of color become self motivated, grind with purpose, and create multiple streams of income."

Something that really resonated with me that I wanted to leave you with is a quote that is on the Afro Unicorn website.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve this beauty." -Maya Angelou

Next up in the series I will feature Nude Barre whose founder is Erin Carpenter.

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