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Empowering Women: One Shade at a Time

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

This is the second in my series where I feature brands founded by women of color who empower other women through fashion.

Today I'm spotlighting Nude Barre whose founder and CEO is Erin Carpenter.

As a dancer of color it is extremely hard to find tights in your skin tone. Growing up it was literally impossible. You would either have to dye the tights themselves on a regular basis or settle with the two options of tan or suntan which looked more orange than anything. Erin had the same issue in her dance career. After many years of dying her tights and undergarments she was frustrated and decided to come up with a solution. This led her to creating Nude Barre in 2009.

Nude Barre offers not only hosiery but intimate apparel and fishnets that come in 12 different shades. Her products are eco-friendly and made for all skin tones, starting with fair and going into deeper darker shades. Her website has color charts along with a variety of brand ambassadors to help you easily discover your nude.

My nude is Cocoa and I'm wearing fishnets.

I've worn Nude Barre's hosiery for years. They not only match my skin tone perfectly but are great quality. To top it off they are affordable.

I will leave you with a few quotes that really resonated with me on Nude Barre's website.

"Discover your nude with confidence"

"Empower a woman in your life"

"Durable enough for active women & stylish enough for everyday fashion."

Next up in the series I will feature Chic Afri Fashion whose founder is Priscille Amoussou.

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