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Empowering Women: One Earring at a Time

This is the fourth in my series where I feature brands founded by women of color who empower other women through fashion.

Today I'm spotlighting KellyMade whose founder is Kelly Anderson.

Galaxy Glitter 2" Go-Go Discs Resin Earrings in Blue

Kelly designs and handcrafts all her earrings. Aside from being fashionable, her earrings are made with eco-friendly resin which is great for sensitive ears. I've never been able to wear the big hoops and huge earrings I love because the weight of the jewelry was always too heavy. Until now that is. The earrings are so light since they are made with resin. I couldn't believe how comfortable they were!

Cheers! Gold & Silver Glitter Resin & Wood Stud Earrings

She makes some of the most stunning and creative earrings. I love every pair I've seen. Her pieces are also so fun and upbeat. Her positivity shows through her work. Bright colors, sparkle, glitter, what's not to love?!

"All of my pieces are generally happy and sparkly, and I aim to evoke the same feelings from those who wear them! <3"

Be sure to check out her website, and note that she can do custom orders through email at

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