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Empowering Girls: One Outfit at a Time

This is the fifth in my series where I feature women of color who empower other women through fashion. Today's feature is empowering toddlers to tweens. I'm spotlighting Talia Natalie's Boutique whose founder is Tori Watts.

Talia Natalie's Boutique is a small family business that offers a fashionable tween closet, toddler closet, and accessories. From swimsuits, jeans, dresses, tanks, jumpsuits to bags, sunglasses, and headpieces, you can find it all. Aside from having fashionable and trendsetting apparel, their main goal is to inspire and empower young girls with positivity and self-assurance. A couple tops that stood out read "Girl Power" and "Dare to Be Different."

My daughter Ophelia is rocking the Milan Jumpsuit and bringing so much joy and smiles to the small village of Lionas on the Island Naxos in Greece.

"Our ultimate goal is to uplift and bring girls together in their prime years to teach and motivate them. We want our girls to confidently be themselves. We want our girls to express themselves and to know that the sky is the limit. Reaching goals, spreading love and kindness...doing all of that while looking good.”

All of Tori’s pieces are stylish yet affordable. Ophelia was so comfortable in her jumpsuit and I just loved seeing her exude so much happiness and self-confidence! Be sure to check out their website at

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