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Dancing Through Portraits:#savethearts Artwork by Melissa Rubenstein

All pieces were inspired by the original photography of Jaqlin Medlock. All words and images are from Melissa Rubenstein. I had full creative direction to create this gallery. Enjoy!

"Art does not tell you how to feel, but instead evokes feelings from within you and draws them to the surface."

"All my art is digital, but I enjoy several forms."

"I use what I call 'filter work' to made edits on drawings and photos, resulting in abstracts like you see here of Tonya."

"A good base image is very important for the filters to apply well. A good base image will usually have a "clean" background such as a wall, fence line, etc."

"A good filter application will result in an image where the subject matter is easy to see, with the filter enhancing and abstracting the original work."

"Most of the time the images become distorted and undecipherable. So, I run a lot of filters in one sitting, then wait for the AI(artificial intelligence) to return them to me."

"Next, I delete anything not usable, and then download all remaining images and edit them."

"Colors hit me like a kid in the candy shop! I want to sample them all!"

"I enjoy every step of the art process: ...

...creating gives my life so much meaning and a purpose that took me years to find."

Be sure to follow Melissa on Instagram @missyvapes and @digitaldaydreamart

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