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Babymoon #2 Laguna Beach

After having an amazing time, but freezing in Mammoth for Tony's version of a babymoon; Laguna was absolutely magical! Exactly what I'd hoped for. Our hotel room was steps away from the beach and also steps away from the pool.

It was ideal traveling for being 8 months pregnant. No flight, just a simple hour drive traffic free from West Hollywood. We left late morning and by 12:30 we were checked in, had grabbed a bite for lunch, and were laying by the ocean. We must have just laid there for hours in the sun on our lounge chairs just taking it all in...

and that's when I realized...Tony hadn't put any sunscreen on! We didn't think it was too big a deal. I convinced him to put some on even though we had already been laying out all day, but little did we know it was already way too late. Wow wow wow when Tony woke up the next morning he was a bright red from head to toe! And I mean bright red! I have never seen anything like it! So for the rest of the trip he promised to wear suntan lotion and I must say he looked so cute with his little umbrella and beach cover up outfits in an attempt to help the burn. We continued to lay by the beach daily for hours the rest of the trip.

Onto the food! So many options! There were so many restaurants to try, but with only 3 days and lots of different cravings we had to narrow it down, which was hard because a couple places we just had to go to twice. One was The Deck on Laguna Beach. The Deck had stunning ocean front views and connected to our hotel, Pacific Edge Hotel, so it was only a few steps away! In fact in the picture below you can see our lounge chairs that they reserved for us while we ate lunch. It doesn't get any better than that!

Deck Tacos and 3 Cheese Artichoke Dip

Another delicious restaurant a short walk from our place was The Cliff.

You could literally order anything from The Cliff. I remember trying to decide between crab cakes, enchiladas, and clam chowder. I went went with the enchiladas and they were amazing! I highly recommend timing your dinner with sunset. As you can see it was breathtaking!

Another place I must mention is Orange Inn. It was our go to for breakfast and lunch. It was about a block away from our room and with so many options and styles of food you can't go wrong. From endless breakfast options, Mexican food (which happens to be my favorite), shakes, bagels, pastries, and most importantly they had the kindest staff. They made us feel so welcomed!! Such a cute place to eat in or take food to go right on the beach.

Post dinner walks on the beach

Maternity dress from Pink Blush, Blazer from Calvin Klein

When we weren't eating amazing food, we were laying by the beach, swimming in the pool, catching amazing sunsets, and checking out all the amazing galleries that fill the city! Laguna has an amazing art scene. There were so many local artists we must have checked out 10 galleries, but there were probably 100 more to see. All so stunning, creative, and unique.

We had been to Laguna before, but this was the first time we got to stay overnight, make a few days out of it, and really indulge in all it's beauty. It felt like a dream with amazing weather, food, and of course much needed relaxation as we are nearing the end of my pregnancy. We can't wait to go back with our little babe! Before we headed out, we drove to The Top of the World Park for a short walk to the peak and to catch some last minute views!!

Top of the World Park Laguna Beach, CA

Until next time, loves!

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