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Babymoon #1 Mammoth

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Sun, beaches, warmth, and just pure relaxation. How I picture every perfect vacation. Waking up by the water. Sleeping in (well I'm a morning person so not waking up till 9). Laying out all day, perhaps a little shopping, or getting a massage. Well, what we got was a blizzard, snow chains, and cabin life with a high of 25 degrees!

We realized when we starting talking about the babymoon, we had completely different trips in mind. Tony wanted a winter wonderland and I, of course, wanted a fantasy at the beach. We compromised and decided to do two short getaways. Mammoth it was! We drove the 5 hours, and in the last 30 mins of the trip the temp dropped about 30 degrees. The snow was coming down, and before I knew it Tony was outside putting the mandatory snow chains on the tires of our car! We had arrived!

With Tony being from CT it was great to see him in his element. We had fun frolicking in the snow...for about 30 mins. Even with all the layers on, we froze quick. We stayed in a perfect little cabin with the heat pumping! For dinner we braved the cold and went to their strip of restaurants and shops. So many options, and we opted for Italian. The next day the snow stopped and we did a winter walk on the trail by our cabin.

It's amazing how a lack of a blizzard can make the snow so much more bearable. It was beautiful exploring and taking everything in. I'm not sure if I would agree to another winter vacay anytime soon, but spending quality time with the love of my life who constantly makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes...well it was just what we needed. The perfect vacation. Not to mention knowing that babymoon #2 will be at a resort on Laguna Beach.

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