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4 Ways to Personalize your Baby Shower

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Images by Jodi Sasaki Photography

1. Location

I had my baby shower at my friend's house. She lives right around the corner from me and it made the shower feel that much more comfortable and easy being 8 months pregnant. There were no time limits or set menus; just a chill, fun party where we could hang and catch up before baby Vivian arrives!

2. Crafts/DIY

2Goddesses is a business I run that specializes in events and handcrafted accessories, so it was fun styling the party and having my DIY-loving friends help. Doing all our own crafts was a great way to plan for the shower and a great excuse to hang out. We created a flower V for Baby Vivian and handmade flower peace signs. We placed flowers and bouquets in the hedges, googled photos online and printed them as signs for the photo booth, and created a "GIRL" sign for the pool house where we opened presents. We ordered and personalized the "Sweet Baby Girl" banner and the welcome sign from Etsy. Then to top it off, every guest that came was given a handmade flower crown made from fresh baby's breathe. This also doubled as the party favors.

Dress from Pink Blush Maternity

3. Food & Drinks

I loved creating the menu! My favorite food is really any of my hubby's cooking so it was perfect and so sweet of him to prepare the main dishes! He made pulled pork sliders and our famous homemade pizza! Both recipes can be found on the EAT page.

For treats we had donuts from Fonuts where they bake the donuts instead of frying them. They offered regular, vegan, and vegan + gluten free so there was something for everyone! To be honest I couldn't tell the difference...I had bites of everything and they all tasted delicious!

Our wonderful host and bestie made homemade rice krispy treats, mimosas, and fresh squeezed lemonade from the lemon tree in the backyard. Everything felt so personal and special.

Aside from all the fresh organic fruit, vegan+ gluten free options, main dishes and snacks; this happened!

That's right, Popeye's Biscuits. I couldn't have asked for a better food spread. Ha!

4. Activities

Okay, I know I don't sound like any fun but I'm just not big on shower I HATE them. lol. So instead of games we did a tie dye station with onsies, socks, and pants for the babe! It was so different and cool for everyone to create something our little girl can wear in the future!

So many different styles and personalities came through! Also, I think we were all shocked by how good everything really came out.

A couple days later everything came out!

Another fun activity was the polaroid photo booth! Everyone had their flower crowns on as an accessory along with the homemade signs/props. Once the photos were taken, you brought the polaroids to the guest book and created your own personalized page and message. Aside from having some amazing memories, we had a blast making them!

I have the best and most amazing friends and family! Thanks for making my shower so special!!!

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